Our selection is not priced a la carte because we do not sell them individually, but only incorporate them into a full-service event or a drop off event.


served with toasted triangles of flat bread and non-gluten crackers

  • Hummus
  • Baba Ghanoush
  • Tzatziki
  • Lubne with black olive puree
  • Muhammara
  • Artichoke and spinach
  • Roasted eggplant with roasted red bell pepper
  • Red lentil and yogurt
  • Puree of Cannellini beans with oregano
  • Marseilles style seafood, served warm in a chafing dish

Brie, apple compote wrapped in puff pastry, served warm


served with an assorted flavored tortilla chips

  • Black bean and corn salsa
  • Tomato salsa

Individual Appetizers -Hot

  • Spanakopita
  • Mini Caprese Panini
  • Mini Cubano Panini
  • Crab cakes, caper, and lemon mayonnaise on toast
  • Asian pot stickers with ginger dipping sauce
  • Mini eggrolls served with Duck sauce and Chile sauce
  • Vegetable samosas
  • Chicken quesadillas
  • Cocktail hot dogs
  • Chester county mushroom caps stuffed with your choice of
    • Crab imperial
    • Sweet Italian sausage, spinach and Asiago
    • Curried mashed potatoes, red and green peppers

  • Crostini of cubed seasoned roast pork, white bean puree
  • Crostini of seasoned shrimp atop fennel salad
  • Crostini of Cajun shrimp atop Andouille rice salad
  • Belgian endive spears fresh herbed cheese
  • Stuffed cooked eggs ½ s topped with green olives and pimento
  • Crab Normandy
  • Filo cup of poached pears, Gorgonzola and caramelized walnuts
  • Southern style chicken salad with pecans atop corn bread
  • Crostini of roasted tomato and tabbouleh on pita rounds
  • Mini squares of Tortilla Espanola
  • Crostini of oven roasted tomato topped with country ham
  • Sliced grilled seasoned flank steak, served on fresh Baguette with a French style horseradish sauce
  • Smoked salmon panini
  • Belgian endive spear with pan seared tuna and artichoke tapenade
  • Bruschetta of Roma tomatoes, onions, fresh mozzarella with a pesto spread

Individual Appetizers -Cold

  • Banderillas (on a toothpick) of fresh Mozzarella, grape tomato and green olive
  • Middle Eastern seasoned chicken in Lavash
  • Pinwheel spiral of chicken, goat cheese and Asian eggplant
  • Lamb meat balls served atop a tomato couscous
  • Mini squares of Tortilla Espanola
  • Stuffed grape leaves with lemon mint yogurt sauce


  • Classic Swiss cheese
  • Wild mushroom
  • Red lentil and coconut milk